Thank You to Our Customers

Our customers are the number one reason we are in business. Whether the transportation is for business, vacation, or personal appointment; we ensure prompt pickup and delivery. Special requests are often made and we work to exceed expectations.

Some comments from our customers this year:

My flight was delayed. Called the contact explaining the situation and I was told not to worry. We have online access to airlines and will be waiting at the discussed location. They were right there as I walked to the curb. Great service to what could have been a frustrating morning.
Dr. Ron Kam

A page came over as we were going to the luggage area. Walked outside and they were at the curb waiting. Great service.
Dr. Joel W.

I have used Corprate Car Services for transportation pickup and delivery of visiting business associates, clients and even for social events. They are always professional, prompt, and completely trustworthy. We have had many compliments regarding their services.
Rhona A.

I arrived in the mid afternoon. I called the cell number I had been given and they said we are right here. They were at the curb waiting. Great service provided by the association I was in the deliver a presentation.
Dr. Ron Kos.